"the right tree right place"

Tree selection is one of the most important investment decisions a home owner makes when landscaping a new home or replacing a damaged or diseased tree. Considering that most trees have the potential to outlive the people who own them, the impact of planting preference is one that can influence a lifetime. "the right tree in the right place" will benefit both the tree and the owner for many years on.

While planting a tree is mainly influenced by personal preference there are a number of factors that should be considered:

Why is the tree being planted?

  • shade
  • fruit
  • seasonal colour
  • windbreak
  • screen

What is the size and location of the planting site?

Does the space lend itself to a large, medium, or small tree?

Are there overhead or below ground wires or utilities in the vicinity?

Do you need to consider clearance for pavements, roads, patios or driveways?

Are there other trees in the area?

What type of soil conditions exist?

What type of maintenance are you willing to provide?

Pests in the vicinity?

  • Rabbits
  • Deer
  • Vandals

The UK has over 100 common species of tree, which means there is a large selection of trees for your tree planting project.

A tree is long term investment and initial tree selection is vitally important to a project.

Trees can be supplied in all shapes and sizes and even the same species of tree can be trained to grow in various guises.

We can help by navigating through our selected nurseries to source trees the will provide green space enhancement, screening, colour, shading that your project requires.


"When all the decisions are done it's time to get dirty"

We have been planting trees in the streets, parks and gardens of Oxfordshire for years and have the expertise to make sure that trees are planted correctly and supported during their early years. 

The process of planting a tree something that takes a few considerations:

Planting pit - How big, Does soil need enhancement, What shape, Does it need irrigation?

Tree Support - There are many styles of tree support and each comes with its advantages and disadvantages depending on the planting site and the pests that may affect your new trees. This may not only be restricted to rabbits and deer but include vehicles or the odd drunken youth that wishes to use your new tree as a trebuchet. 

We will help in advising on potential solutions and discuss the merits. 


Planting trees on a site can have an instant impact but with the investment involved it is important that aftercare is something that is considered early in the process. 

A tree left with little water will not thrive or even worse survive. This is vitally important in the early years to allow the tree to establish it self within its new planting site. 

We can offer a complete aftercare service visiting with a trailed water bowser on difficult to access sites and bringing repairs for support damage and mulch to refresh supply. 

This monitoring allows us to undertake adjustments on tree ties and formative prune if required, giving your tree the best start possible.