What We Charge?

“How much does it cost to undertake tree surgery?”

“How much does it cost to fell a tree?”

“Can I have ballpark figure. I won’t hold you to it?”

This is a common question asked by customers on an initial telephone enquiry and something that we wished we could give a straight answer.

There are unfortunately so many variables that affect the final price, but these are useful to know when thinking about your work and how each contractor maybe pricing.


On certain sites the trees maybe protected by Tree Preservation orders or Conservation areas. In these circumstances an application to the local authority is required. This will require the contractor to document photos, draw map and reasons for the work to present to the local authority for their consideration and approval of works.


Trees grow in all sorts of places from back gardens, river side, and islands on a lake. There aren’t many places we haven’t undertaken tree work but each location comes with different challenges.

Access is element of a job is important and can change the way the job is undertaken.

Poor access sites can reduce machinery access and make removing debris from the site making the operation more time consuming and increasing costs.


We work in a different environment each day of the week from country estates to private dwelling. The type of environment will depict the level of protection required.

A country estate will be happy for trees to be felled into a field or pieces dropped to the ground from pruning operations. This may cause a little ground damage but is acceptable to the client and makes jobs less time consuming.

A private dwelling with manicured lawns will require a lot more care and attention with the need for ground protection all pieces lowered carefully to the ground. There may be a requirement for removing debris through a building requiring sheeting and ground protection.

We can accommodate all scenario but this may reflect in the final price.


Tree works vary incredibly from day to day. The teams will sometimes require only a chainsaw and fuel for the day and others require the use of specialist cherry pickers, stump grinders, mobile cranes.

The machinery selected will aid our teams to provide a safe, efficient service but the more machinery required will also reflect the price. However this is a double edge sword as this machinery may increase efficiency to a level where the job will take less time ultimately reducing the final price.


This is an element of a quotation that should be thought about carefully and our sales team can help with any questions you may have.

The above considerations can be affected by how you choose to deal with debris. All of our operations will result in some form of excess debris. This maybe from tree pruning smaller branches, logs, woodchips from stump grinding or spoil from tree planting.

The removal of this debris will require labour or additional machinery. This will increase costs of the operation.

“What things can I do to reduce costs?”

  1. Apply for you own planning consent (Our quotation should be clear enough allow you to apply for less complex sites)
  2. Improve access to site. The co-operation of neighbour to gain better access. The permission of a farmer to gain access to a field. The timing of works for drier seasons can all help to make jobs more efficient.
  3. Removing the need for protection undertaking works in dry months will result in less ground disturbance.
  4. Reduce the removal/processing/transport of bi-products

Wood, Woodchip, Timber, Excess Spoil maybe possible to use within the site.