We are Treetech a team of tree people based in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds. We run 3 teams of tree people undertaking a full range of tree services from tree surgery to maintain your current treescape, tree planting to create new treescape, and tree surveys to ensure the correct management is being undertaken.

The company has strong belief in tree finding solutions to problems and empowering our staff with the knowledge and experience to implement these solutions safely and efficiently. The world of arboriculture is not just about cutting trees but to have an understanding of the reasons why and the affects your work may have on the continued health of the tree.

The company invests into its staff and aspires for every member of staff to hold a formal qualification in arboriculture as well as the necessary practical qualifications to undertake the work. We believe this is fundamental in providing a solution based service from an educated passionate team.


2004 Treetech Arboricultural Services formed in Stonesfield Oxfordshire with the help of local farmer providing a space for the business to get established.

2005 The business moved to Elmsfield industrial estate, Chipping Norton. This site enabled us to position ourselves within an easy commute of Oxford, Cheltenham. Stratford upon Avon.

2012 Awarded Arboricultural Assocaition Approved Contractor Status 

2013 The business moved to Lower Buildings, Sarsden. The site has enabled us to accommodate additional machinery and office space.

2014 Business wins Silver Award for its stand at Moreton Show


Our Values

  • To show respect to colleagues & other professionals that reciprocate.
  • Trees are beginnings and should remain in heart throughout our business.
  • The outdoors is our love and should be loved in return.
  • Achievements are achieved through merit and rewarded with celebration.
  • Open communications is key to success.
  • To treat all customers equally irrelative of colour, race, religion or social standing.
  • To stand proud that we are unique in our working practice.


  • We will maintain our record of high standards of tree work.
  • We will continually challenge our competition to improve standards.
  • We will be a company that has a national customer base but still care for its local community.
  • We will position ourselves in the employment market to construct a highly desirable place to work.
  • We will build a strong aligned team allowing us to maintain our values and standards with no financial pressures from client demands.


We will provide for the community, a place of employment, education and craftmanship to show the beauty of the outdoors and how our services fit within it.


Ben Southall "The Old Man"

Managing Director
HND Arboriculture
Professional Tree Inspection qualified.
Competent inspector for arboricultural equipment.
20 Years Experience

If not at work….. Working on riverboats and camper vans. 

Louise Spencer "Office Battle Axe"
Director/Secretary Louise is the office manager running the day to day operations.
Process Management
Customer Care

If not at work….. On the river or in the hills. 

Tracy Lawrence “Always running”

Office Administrator
Handing the day to day running of the office.
First contact for enquiries.
Planning application processing. 

If not at work….. Running for the next Personal best

Thomas Cooper "Solution Finder"

Sales Advisor
Level 3 Arb
Tree Planting advice
Specifications of work

If not at work….. House renovations and buying old stuff (That he doesn’t know what to do with)

Aaron Pearson "The Leader"

Team Leader
Level 3 Arboriculture
Climbing arborist
Field quotes
Machinery Operation

If not at work….. Playing with his Cat. 

Dominic Oliveri "The Italian"

Climbing Arborist
Level 2 Arboriculture Apprentice

If not at work….. Listening to an eclectic range of music 

Bradley Cooke "Milky Bar Kid"

Climbing Arborist
Level 2 Arboriculture in Progress
Aerial rescuer

If not at work….. Trying to get some free time around his tribe. 

Ben Reid "Alfa Romeo" 

Climbing Arborist
Level 2 Arboriculture in Progress
Aerial rescuer

If not at work….. Tinkering with old cars. 

Lenny Lomas "Mummy's Little Soldier"

Climbing Arborist
Aerial rescuer 

If not at work….. Off on Jet Ski, if the Land rover makes it there. 

Thomas Howe "The Gentleman"

Climbing Arborist
Aerial rescuer 

If not at work….. Wearing shorts, Paddling and Scouting. 

Liam Stogden "The Father figure"

Climbing Arborist
Aerial rescuer. 

If not at work….. Having outdoor adventures with his young family.