What is stump grinding and why would I want to do it?

Stump grinding? 

Stump grinding is a process undertaken by a stump grinder machine. The machine is has a spinning wheel with tungsten carbide teeth which cut away at the stump and turn it into wood chip.

When the stump grinding is complete the hole will be back filled with resulting stump grinding mix of soil and wood chip.  This will leave a raised mound that will in time sink lower. Excess stump grindings can also be taken away or the hole topped with top soil on request. 

Why would I want to stump grind? 

There are numerous reasons stump grinding maybe required:

  • Prevent regrowth - It's a common perception that when a tree is felled it is dead, however trees are survivors and some species will continue to grow even from a stump. Our team can advise on the species of tree and if re-growth will be a future problem. 
  • Allow re-turfing - In a formal garden tree stumps can be both unpleasing to the eye but also a lawnmowers worst nightmare. 
  • Allow replanting - The removal of trees is sometimes due to death, disease or unwanted species. It is often the case that replanting is required allowing replacement of screening. The removal of existing tree stumps will often facilitate planting in the same location. 
  • Fungal protection - There are numerous fungus' that live on tree stumps, some are totally harmless and others that can infect others trees. The removal of tree stumps can reduce the risk of fungal distribution within the site. 
  • Trip Hazard - Tree stumps are often cut as low to the ground as possible and leaving out a few inches above ground. This looks very tidy but can leave an accident waiting to happen. Stump grinding removes the trip hazard permanently. 

How much does stump grinding cost?

Prices start from £60 + VAT  for a small stump, increasing for larger diameter more complex stumps. 

Do you offer day rate work?

We can offer prices for a day rate for the machine and operator. Final price dependant on location. 

What affects the cost?

There are a few variables that could affect your price.

  • Stump access - Is the stump in a front garden or on the bank of a stream? Access can take time. 
  • Stump size - How many inches is the stump? The larger the the stump the longer it will take to grind. 
  • Ground conditions - Does the ground contain stones or foreign objects that may damage the machine? This can usual be removed by hand or the machine but takes longer. 
  • We are all in-house - As we operate our own range of stump grinding machines, we can undertake your stump grinding when carrying out other tree work on your property. This enables us to maximise efficiency and utilise existing labour onsite to undertake stump grinding. This usually means that our prices can be reduced  compared to a stand alone visit. 

What can I expect when I have a visit from the stump grinding team? 

  1. Onsite quotation 
  2. Written quotation
  3. Team arrive on site (Stump grinder is transported on a trailer so try to allow some room for parking) 
  4. Access protection and preparation installed (ramps, ground protection mats, installing protection guards) 
  5. Machine wheeled into place. 
  6. Stump grinding operation completed. 
  7. Stump grindings raked back into hole. Excess grindings will be left in a mound.