The company has a full range of top quality tools avaliable at its disposable, to cater for all types of jobs.

3.5 t Tipping Truck with 7.5 inch Woodchipper

This is our everyday unit designed to store woodchips and transport them away from site. The woodchipper is capable of the most demanding jobs, but versatile enough to be pushed into narrow driveways.

Unimog "Mog" & Timber Crane

This machine is equiped with a large crane capable of lifting up to 6 tonnes perfect for loading timber or pulling timber from difficult to reach places.
The engine in the "Mog" has extremly low ratio gearing capable of pulling around large amounts of weight perfect for pulling over large trees.

Machine Restored by AC Price     

Stump Grinder.

Stump grinders chip away at tree stumps and turns them into woodchips. This can be useful when the tree stumps are a cause of problems e.g lawns, footpaths.

Our smallest stump grinder is self powered and will fit through most gateways giving access to rear gardens. This machine has been through kitchens, living rooms, we’ll always try our best.

The larger machine is 34" wide and capable of grinding large stumps to leave the ground ready for replanting, seeding, or just free from trip hazards.

Portable Traffic Lights

Staff are qualified to install traffic signage and signals, this allows us to make our sites safe in the proximity to roads and pedrestrians. Our portable signals allow traffic to be guided during lane closure in a safer controlled manner compared to labour consuming stop/go boards.

Ford Ranger Tipper 4x4

This vehicle has a small box capable of carrying woodchip ideal for situations where access is muddy or width restrictive.This vehicle is also used as tow vehicle for our stump grinders, woodchipper and tow our small trailer for removal of timber.
Our firewood customers will see this vehicle out delivering firewood no matter what the weather.

Portable Chainsaw Saw Mill

Used to convert to timber when access is too difficult for transport to be economical. This tool is ideal when small scale planking is required for personel use. Treetech also have contacts with local mobile sawmill operators for conversion of large amounts of timber on site.

Chainsaws & Climbing Equipment

All our operatives use up to date chainsaws and the latest climbing equipment. Our climbing equipment is inspected according to LOLER 1998 regulations this ensures all equipment is safe for climbing, and that lowering operations are successful and no damage to property occurs.